Being a Boy Mom | Talley & Jon Ross


May 23, 2020

With Wedding season postponed until later in the year, I’ve been flooding the blog, the website, and the instagram feed with so many families and little ones. I HOPE you’re loving it as much as I am. It reminds me how much I love photographing families.

Today, I’m introducing you to one of the most understanding and dependable women I know and her son. Talley + Jon Ross.
An interesting fact that always makes their sessions a little bit of a twist is that Talley is also a photographer. Can you say PRESSURE?!
LOL. It’s not really. She always loves her images. She LOVES to grab photos of Jon Ross herself but enjoys being able to put the camera down, take a breath and let someone else do it. Can you blame her?

I wouldn’t know personally what being a boy Mom feels like but I picked some of Talley’s thoughts on what exactly it feels like for her and her experiences.

I don’t have the pleasure of being anything but a fur Mom as of right now, so I literally live vicariously through my friends who have the blessing of being a Mom.

I’ve heard tons of stories and laughed countless times at temper tantrums, remembering to swiftly turn around not to show laughter because it’s really not all that funny right? Or so I’ve been told. The only experience I can take away from raising kids is my cousins and nieces. My biggest take away is how much kids look up to adults.

Mimicking. Confiding in Mom and Dad (or other family members). Pleasing. Repeating the same sentence over and over until they’re FINALLY acknowledged, even though you’re trying to ignore them hoping that they learn the lesson that if you’re talking to another person that it’s rude to interrupt! LOL

& then the waiting game. Parents know that the roles will one day shift. & things their little joys showed them at such a young age would be reciprocated by themselves.


Well to know what it means to be a boy Mom, you have to know a little bit more about Jon Ross.

This boy loves anything outside. Bubbles. Jumping in rain puddles, and swimming in his kiddie pool on a hot day. Winter? Oh you guessed it, he is out in the snow!
One of his best friends is his Daisy, a full grown, duck hunting black Labrador Retriever. They cuddle. They play. & it’s the best time, as you could assume!

Being a boy Mom is like trying to tame a tornado.

They are into everything, ready to go at every turn, and always ready to make the biggest messes.

But, with that same energy, my son never ceases to love his Momma the most – biggest kisses, best hugs, and laughs that are etched into my heart for eternity.” – Talley

So, to conclude, being a boy Mom means taking the good with the bad. And even then, the bad isn’t all that bad. It’s just another moment that you will want to hold on to for as long as you can before your little boy isn’t so little anymore.

As a photographer, sometimes it is hard for me to categorize something as such, because to me, every moment, good or bad, is a memory….

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