Finally, the content you’ve been waiting for, Beach Weddings!
Growing up in the Tampa Bay area, the beach was always on the to do list each month, but since I moved to Kentucky 7 years ago, I realized how much I underestimated living so close to shore!
Now that I’m chasing my dream as a Destination Wedding Photographer, I finally have the opportunities available to make my way back to the beach and to do what I love!

Fort Desoto Beach & Park is one of the most beautiful beaches in the St. Pete area! & it’s a hot spot for Photographers!
You’ve got this Historical Fort, many beach accesses to drop your boats, paddle boards or kayaks in the water, and even a dog beach! Our lab Macie has enjoyed the Paw Playground & Beach many of times!

But this time, I was working my tooshy off behind the camera to bring to you the most beautiful couple and styled elopement!

Meet Jim and Jennifer!

Aren’t they gorgeous? & their smiles are so bright! The whole entire time I was photographing I could feel the passion from them!
Jennifer is from the area and loves to travel, and Jim is right by her side for every adventure! They recently got engaged and already feeling that wedded bliss by participating in our shoot!

We started pretty early so we decided to start our photos around the Historical Fort! It’s pretty neat because they still have the cannons and cells that you can even walk into! We definitely took advantage of that!

We definitely liked the idea of shooting in the Fort because with the sun still being so high in the sky (if you’re a photographer reading this, you know what I mean) the walls were able to give some shade and the stone walls reflected such beautiful natural light onto them!

But I live for the salt air, so it wasn’t too long before I had to say it was time to make our way to the water. There’s something about being by the ocean at sunset that makes me feel connected with not just the earth, but connected more with myself. Maybe I’m just a natural Floridian and that will never change. You can take the girl out of the ocean, but you can’t take the love for the ocean out of the girl! I definitely appreciate it more now as an adult than I ever did as a child.

So for any photographers out there or readers that want photos done at the beach…PRIME TIME is sunset. Not 30 minutes before, not 30 minutes after, the best light comes right as the sun is setting! I don’t want to lose anyone in this with technicalities, but the light is just too harsh any other time because of the way it reflects off of the water and white sand. SO, since we were still waiting for that sun to touch the horizon we decided to have some fun underneath the pier on the shoreline! It was GREAT CHOICE!
Just look at these photos! You can’t make this stuff up! These two just have chemistry that lights fireworks!

I mean, right out of a Spanish novela! So stunning! You can see why I was on cloud nine while photographing this shoot!

If you have ever been to Fort Desoto beach you have probably seen what’s coming up next! Just a little ways to the right once you step off the boardwalk to the sand, you’ll see cement blocks and structures everywhere. I wish I knew the actual story behind why they were there, I’m sure it has something to do with the fort and incoming troops, but I have to admit History was NOT my favorite subject! + I didn’t want to spend my whole day googling it! LOL!

However, that’s where we headed next!

^^^ Jennifer’s idea!

I’m not going to bore you too much longer with descriptions, I just wanted to give you a little back story before you got to see the best shots from the day!

Moral of the story, Beach Elopements are stunning! They’re a great alternative to a big wedding ; they are intimate, private, and timeless. You can take your time to get the photos you want without family running circles around you, and it helps your photographer be able to slow down and really capture you and your husband/wife as the couple you truly are! You can be as private as you’d like or you can have a little fun with it and have some fun in the water with your soulmate! All in all, Elopements are fabulous!

Jen + Jimmy | Fort Desoto Beach Elopement

June 21, 2020


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